Daily Note 2023-April


From today, I’ll write a daily note in English.
Today, I finished the quarterly report. Also, weekly feedback and sprint planning.
I’ve made a clear plan and declared it on Twitter.
I need help to achieve all. But I’ll challenge.

Today I had a pirates and dance lesson.
Also, I went to a dental clinic to check up on my tooth.
I was waiting for Goukaku Wireflame and Wing for work.
For Wing, finally, I’ve decided to delegate it to her.
Because of waiting, I could finish my review for Test 3.
I will get a 100% score for tomorrow’s Re-Test 3.

Today I had meditation, then Toeic Re-Test 3 (sadly, three mistakes)
And I had a coaching session with Kat.
Then go stretch session after a long time.
While transferring, I could study well for grammar and Eieieitango, Firestore online function.
In my home, I had one MTG with a user and have started to develop Suppli Meddia.
Today I’ve achieved pleasant food discipline!

I woke up late but joined yoga and meditation class.
Then took the Toeic mock exam together with a member.
Sadly it was not good, but I will review it.
After the daily scrum, I fell asleep for a long time.
Then study a bit for Firestore, prepare for Tojolin, and do CS MTG, Phlight, Tojolin, and Pareprograming.
After that, I was no more willpower and self-hate.
Tmrw I’ll be better.

I went to a hair salon and colored my hair red.
Then I commit to making a private youtube channel until next time.
Then I reviewed yesterday’s Toeic exam, took the new Toeic exam with members, and talked well.
Also, I studied well for Firestore. Now I understand the basics.
I was waiting for a programming study MTG at night, but it won’t happen.
So I could study English well instead.

I took the Toeic S&W exam for the first time.
Then I took Test Party with members.
I’m happy to take perfect for it.
Then enjoy a dance lesson.
At night, study grammar and make SuppliMedia, programming with Dacci.

9:30 am: I woke up late and studied English in a cafe.
1:00 pm: Daily MTG and help development problem.
2:00 pm: I had lunch, worked on new system planning, and studied. Finally, I published the quarterly report of the ES.
5:00 pm: I took a nap for 30 mins.
5:30 pm: Marketing MTG.
8:30 pm: PR MTG. We popped some new ideas for PR.
10:00 pm: gym.
11:00 pm: I was out of my mind, but work on new system thinking.
Midnight: bath with a grammar book, then English news and daily note.

8 am: yoga and pranayama.
10 am: I studied Deru-1000, reviewed Sikou-Test 2, and read a book in a cafe, listening EiEiEitango on the way back and forth.
1 pm: I had the daily MTG and one-on-one with Wing.
2 pm: I wrote articles for weekly and monthly feedback blogs. I was planning architecture too.
8 pm: I did a few heavy squats in a gym after a long time.
9 pm: I do programming for exceed Limit ranking improvement.
1030 pm: I had Sprint MTG.
2 am: I slept with a novel with an English sound.